Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye Series

When it comes to going out and dressing up nowadays, I say forget diamonds, false lashes are a girl's best friend! I've gone through so many different brands of lashes, some have stayed in my collection for years while others have ended up gathering dust somewhere in a random corner of my house. 

However, for the past couple of months, I believe that I have definitely found a favorite. I already had super voluminous false lashes, as well as very natural lashes, so I was looking for something in between--and I ended up stumbling across Diamond Lash. Diamond Lash  is a very popular brand that is often associated with the models from EGG, a popular Japanese gyaru fashion magazine. After browsing through the many varieties, I decided to go with the Glamorous Eye series.

I got these from PinkyParadise for $19.99 excluding shipping and tax. As you can see, they come in a set of 5 lashes, which is a pretty good deal, considering how durable they are.

And here is a more closeup picture of the lashes. 


For my review, I will be considering four categories: Design, Comfort and Durability. 

Design: 5   

As you can see, these lashes are quite full, thick and voluminous. They alternate between thick lashes and a smaller criss-cross design that gradually get smaller as they go inwards towards the inner tear duct. The design is brilliant because while you have the thick lashes to give both volume and length, the alternating cross-cross hairs keep the lashes look natural enough to blend in with your own lashes. 

I love these because they are super versatile and you can pretty much use them in any look. For a gyaru or doll-eyed inspired look, you can pair them with lower false lashes. If I feel like glamming it up, I'll use these with a smokey eye. And if I just want to show off the lashes, I'll do a more minimal look paired with a bright lip, like the one I'm doing in this entry.

As you can see, when I stick these eyelashes onto my lash line, I get the triple threat of length, volume and thickness. A lot of the super thick and voluminous lashes of there can get a bit fake looking, but I feel that these lashes add just enough glamour to give your eyes that 'pop' without going overboard. 

Comfort: 4  

Upon receiving these, I was a bit intimidated by how thick the lash band was. I was afraid that the thickness of the band was going to be very uncomfortable, as I have had some bad experiences with super thick bands and eye irritation. However, while the band was thicker than, say Dolly Wink or the Darkness series, it wasn't as horrible as I expected. 

Due to the lashes being too long, I ended up having to cut the outer end of the lashes because they were poking the outer corner of my eye. After I snipped off the outermost lash and criss cross, it became a lot more comfortable. Whether you have to cut the lash band is really up to the length of your eyes and preferences. 

I've worn these out to many different occasions such as clubbing, dinner outings and even shopping. After around four to five hours, I started feeling the weight of them a bit more. 

Durability: 5  ❤ 

The great thing about the thickness of the band is how incredibly durable these lashes are! I've used the first pair many times and even after seven washes, they wear practically as good as new. They hold their shape wonderfully and are super easy to glue on and take off. 


The quality of Diamond Lash is definitely evident in how long lasting these are. I don't imagine that I'll be running out of these anytime soon. And I'll definitely be repurchashing these when I run out. As my go-to lashes now, I must always have them ready on hand to bust out for any occasion.


To wrap things up, I'll add a few pictures showing off the lashes. Please don't mind the cam-whoring. 

Just a note, I'm wearing the Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi series).  Since it was daytime, I wanted to go for a little more natural look while still showcasing the lashes so I kept my makeup minimal. My lip color is Revlon's Lip Butter in "Sweet Tart"

I hope you all found this review helpful. I'm a huge fan of the Diamond Lash series and I'm interested in trying out some of the other series. What do you think of these lashes? Are there any other false lash brands you are going crazy over? Let me know in the comments below! 

With love, Tiffany


  1. yay happy to see that you finally started your blog! lolll. i was wondering when i would see it :)

    ahhh and i love diamond lashes! they are my favorite out of all the brands. you look cute btw ^^ oh and i like the blog name that you ended up with!

    xoxo Sarah
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  2. Aww thank you, these lashes are seriously the best! hahaha I know, it's taken me forever to think of the name and then to learn how to use my camera. Thank you for following by the way, I look forward to reading more of your entries! :D

  3. You know I was looking for this couple days ago and thank you for your comment finally I found a review of these wonderful lashes! The price is like dolly wink lashes but it comes in 5 pairs instead of 2 (I'm looking at you tsubasamasukawa lol) anyway it looks so pretty on your eyes! I love the design but what after 7 washes you still can use it? I'm going to hunt it one of these days :) great review by the way ^^

  4. Ahahah thank you! Yes, I have to admit, I love these more than my Dollywinks now! The Dollywinks are good but pretty expensive for 2 pairs of lashes that are a lot more delicate than the Diamond Lashes. The Diamond Lashes are super strong, I'm actually still on my first pair, so I'll be keeping these for a really long time. Thank you for stopping by by the way, you have a super cute blog and I love the gyaru theme <3

  5. Ohh lovely!! you're so pretty <3

    1. Aww thank you, love! You are pretty as well <3

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