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With Love, Tiffany's 50+ Follower Giveaway: Korean, Japanese and Sephora Goodies

Hello! It's been a week since I last updated and I really hope you all enjoyed my last entry on CC cream. That was one of the most fun entries/reviews I have done so far! Anyways, I'm really excited to announce that I will be holding my very first giveaway! It's been about two months since I started blogging and I'm so happy that I have hit 50+ followers on GFC. Blogging has always been my biggest hobby but to finally share my blog publicly and get active within the beauty blogging community has been one of my highlight's this year. I just want to thank all of you who have followed me, commented on my posts and come back to check on my updates. You're all are the best! I'm really grateful to be part of such an awesome, sweet and supportive community, so this is my way of giving back to you guys. <3

In this prize pack, I will be giving out a combination of Japanese, Korean and a couple of American beauty products. Some of these are samples that I got from my friend who was kind enough to share some with me after picking up some Tony Moly items for me in Korea while others are from my own purchases. I have a couple of full-sized products in here as well. For the complete list of the products included in this giveaway, please refer to the Rafflecopter description listing out all the items. 

Before we get into the prizes, I'd like to mention that I forgot to add an individual picture of the Bene Premium Crystal Shampoo and Conditioner and I just wanted to let you know that it will be included as well. 

Because I love false lashes, not including false lashes as part of my prize pack was out of the question. I was having a hard time choosing between Dolly Wink or Diamond Lash because I love them both but I settled with the Dolly Wink False Lashes No. 2 in Sweet Girly. A great combination of natural yet dolly, these will definitely make your eyes 'pop' and will look great on just about anyone. I feel like everyone has different preferences for the length and volume of their false lashes and this one happens to go right in the middle.

A closeup of these gorgeous lashes

I also included three sheet masks in this prize pack. Tony Moly's Floria line came out a couple of years ago but it has been one of their most successful and best-selling lines yet. I've used the Whitening, Pore Minimizing and Youth Energy line and I can honestly say that they are all wonderful. The Youth Energy Mask will really help plump up your face with moisture, making it bright, young and supple. 

I chose the My Beauty Diary face masks in "Black Pearl" because out of all the My Beauty Diary masks that I've tried, these have been shown to deliver the best results. These masks are wonderful for whitening and brightening, as well as moisturizing. I know whoever wins this prize will make good use of them. 

Now these are a few goodies from Sephora that I got as samples. Anna Sui's "Fairy Dance" fragrance was launched in 2012 and the packaging on the actual bottle is absolutely gorgeous. Sephora's website describes its scent as "sparkling top fruity notes of tangerine, mango and pink pepper", making this the perfect light and whimsical scent for summer. The Josie Maran Argan Moisturizing Serum Foundation is self adjusting and designed to match your skin tone. It kind of reminds me of CC cream; the concept seems pretty similar. And lastly, Benefit's the Porefessional is a balm designed to minimize the appearance of pores. I've heard nothing but great things about this primer, so I'm guessing all you ladies looking for pore minimizing products would like this. 

This is another full-sized product I'm giving away. Some of you who read my Korean and Japanese beauty haul entry may have noticed the CandyDoll Lip Gloss in "Macaroon Pink". The reason why I'm giving it away is because I realized that I don't look as good in lighter lip colors than I do with bolder colors such as fuschia, bright pink or red. I don't believe I would end up using this often so I decided that I would rather give it away to someone who would. 

This is the Tony Moly gel eyeliner pen. I don't use gel eyeliner anymore but when I did, this was literally the best gel liner pen I've ever used. Its small yet firm bristles pick up just the right amount of product and is flexible enough to apply precisely as much product as you'd like. 

A couple of samples from Tony Moly. I've only tried samples of both of these products but both are definitely moisturizing. While the idea of using anything with snail gives me the shudders, snail products have actually been quite popular in Korea for a few years now and have been shown to have intense moisturizing properties. The Dear Me Waterful cream is great to use as a daily moisturizer or a night cream. 

Lastly, here are samples from the Tony Moly Whitening line. I actually use the toner and emulsion on a daily basis and it's been great for keeping my skin bright and clear. I'm not really sure if it really whitens since I believe you need to use a whitening soap along with this. But if you're looking for something that refreshens and brightens up your skin for the next morning, then you will like these products. 

So here are rules for entering this giveaway: 

One winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter 
The giveaway is open to both readers in the United States and internationally 
This giveaway ends on June 30th at 10:00PM
The winner will be contacted through email after he or she is chosen. If the email doesn't receive an answer within 72 hours, I will choose another winner. 
To enter, please follow me on GFC. Extra points will be given to those who follow me on other social media outlets, which can be found on the right sidebar. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Alright, well that's it! Good luck to everyone who participates in this giveaway. I hope you all like the prizes and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below! 

With Love, Tiffany

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream in No. 2 "Glow"

CC Cream, also known as Correct and Care cream, has been all the rage nowadays, expanding from Asian markets to global very quickly within the past year. Nowadays, BB cream can be found not only at Asian beauty stores but also at your local drugstore. And it appears CC Cream is quickly catching up! Leading Korean brands such as Tony Moly, Etude House and and Banila Co. are just one of many that produce CC cream and believe me, competition is fierce! Today, I will be reviewing Etude House's CC Cream in No. 2"Glow".

So what exactly is CC cream and what are its benefits? Like its predecessor, BB cream, CC cream provides all of the benefits that bb cream offers such as whitening, SPF, base and coverage while also adding additional benefits. CC cream is also lighter upon application and is supposed to provide a more natural coverage, as opposed to BB cream. Whereas BB cream is more about providing coverage, CC cream is more about providing a more even, clear skin tone, thus emphasizing your natural skin's beauty. It's the true "no-makeup" makeup hahaha.

Etude House's CC cream claims to have eight benefits in this one little tube. Does it actually live up to its claims? Well, keep on reading to find out :)


  • Anti-aging 
  • Stress relief 
  • Hydration 
  • Whitening
  • Sun Protection 
  • Tone-up
  • Smooth texture
  • Luminosity 

Source: Etude House

Doesn't Krystal from F(x) just look radiant? I think she is just the perfect person to endorse this! 

For those who aren't familiar with Etude House's CC Cream line, there are two types of CC cream you can choose from: No. 1 "Silky" or No. 2 "Glow". For those with oily skin who want a more matte and plush finish, you would go with "Silky", whereas those who with dry skin who would opt for a more dewy, natural finish would go with "Glow".

Source: Etude House 

My skin type is normal. However, I have a tendency to get dry spots around my nose and mouth area so I decided to go with "Glow". I'm also a fan of the dewy look, as opposed to matte. Especially in the summer, who can resist glowing, dewy skin? 

The packaging is reminiscent of Etude House's cute and princess-like concept. The box is a delicate light-pink box with gold lettering and helpful instructions in both Korean and English on the sides. As someone who only knows how to introduce herself in Korean or order Coca-Cola at a Korean restaurant, I'm grateful that Etude House included instructions in English. 

"This multitasking, 8-in-1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats and protect skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside. It glides on with a glowing finish. 

"Apply liberally and blend evenly with your fingertips for natural, sheer coverage. Use it alone or layered under your favorite foundation for more coverage. 

This tube of CC cream is actually a lot slimmer and sleeker than the Etude House Mineral BB Cream. While the BB cream contains 60 mg of product, the CC cream contains 35 mg which I think is significantly less. Oh well, it's still selling like hotcakes! It's not that big of an issue, considering you don't really need much CC cream for coverage, but I had to admit that I was a bit surprised to see how small this was. 

For application, the tube comes with a pump, which dispenses a small, delicate pile of product, which is good for sanitary purposes. For me, based on two different experiences, one pump was definitely enough for me. For those who want more coverage, you can use the CC cream as a base and layer BB cream/foundation over this. But DON'T apply too much product to your face. I will explain why later in this entry.

The scent is a pleasant, floral-like smell, similar to that of Tony Moly's Triple Expert BB cream, not too strong or chemical-like. I'm assuming that this is a pretty common scent among Asian face products. 

Ahhhh, it's so white! That was my first reaction upon dispensing the product and I was skeptical on how in the world would this match my skin tone. But take a closer look. Can you see the tiny little capsules within the white cream? These tiny little capsules will burst upon application, self-adjusting the color to match your skin tone and texture and provide a moisturizing, glowing finish. Yes, it's just like magic! 

Source: Etude House 

 It's highly recommended that you use your hands to apply the CC cream onto your face. I usually use a foundation brush to apply my face makeup but in order to 'pop' all the capsules onto your face, it's best that you massage it into your skin. 

Please be advised you should only apply one light layer at a time. So why have I emphasized to not put too much on your face? Well, I made the mistake of applying two pumps, which ended up being way too much. Some of the capsules ended up not popping and therefore, the product didn't merge with my skin tone and I was stuck all afternoon with a white ghost-face. Therefore, I concluded that one pump is sufficient and it quickly matched my skin tone within 10 minutes. If you need more coverage, you can add a layer of BB cream or foundation on top.

Before - No makeup whatsoever, After - 10 minutes after application

See the difference? While I don't have major problems with acne or spots, I do experience some dullness and uneven skin tone, which really benefitted from this CC cream. My skin looks brighter, whiter, hydrated and my overall complexion is improved. In this before and after, I don't have any base or moisturizer on. The coverage is very light, compared to BB cream and foundation. But I love the "my skin, but better" effect and I really think it was a genius idea for Etude House to market to those looking for the most natural coverage as possible. 

Before - 5 minutes after application, After - 10 minutes after application with finishing powder

Now for the 'glow' effect, I had to admit, I found the dewiness in the product a little overly dewy and to me, it just looked a little oily for my taste. Just a little though. I feel like this product would really benefit people with dry skin but for those with oily skin, you're really better off with the No.1 Silky instead. To mattify the oiliness, I added just a pat of finishing powder and then I had the nice, luminous finish that I wanted. 

Final thoughts on this product? 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

  • Delivers most of what it promises--hydration, whitening, sun-protection, skin tone brightening, skin-texture smoothing and luminosity. As for anti-aging, we'd have to see but it's good to know. And stress-relief? No comment. 
  • Fixes my dull, uneven skin tone 
  • Love the one-step process of just applying it directly onto my face. This will save me a lot of time in my makeup routine. 
  • Great for people who are looking for a natural, fresh-faced look 
  • Long-lasting, did not start looking oilier until around 5 hours 
  • Affordable. I ordered mine at Kollection K for $15.60
  • Love the glowing, dewy effect 
  • Feels really light on my skin, definitely great for the summer

  • Coverage is realllllly light. If you're looking for the least bit of coverage, you may need to use a BB cream in addition to this 
  • Can look a bit greasy to those with oily or normal skin--I'm wondering if I should've ordered the No. 1 Silky instead. 
  • May not match darker skin tones. I have a warm medium skin tone in the summer and the product looked just a tad light for my skin.
Overall, I quite like the Etude House CC cream because it's just what I needed for the summer. My skin looks refreshed and brightened and best of all, the one step application process makes my makeup routine so much faster and easier. However, I had to deduct one star because I know it's not for everyone. While I appreciate its concept for providing skin with a more natural look, the coverage would definitely be too light for those with moderate acne and would be better off a primer. I know this probably has been said before, I feel like CC cream is designed more for people who already have decent skin and are just looking for enhancement. 

And for those who regularly use BB cream, I can't really see the CC cream offering significantly better benefits maybe besides anti-aging. You'll notice that out of the eight benefits this product claims to have, coverage is not one of them. The CC cream is good to have on hand when you're going for the "my skin, but better" effect but this may not be the best substitute for BB cream or foundation. However, this does not mean that this is a bad product, as I like it very much. But I would definitely do my research on CC creams to see which one would be the best for what you're aiming for or if BB cream is better for you.

So what did you think of this product? Have you had the chance to try it yet or are you planning to try it anytime soon? I hope my review was informative in helping out those who are interested in purchasing the Etude House CC creams or any other CC creams of that matter. If you have your own review of this CC cream, feel free to share your links with me. Are there any other CC creams that you have used or want to use? What do you think of CC cream overall? Let me know in the comments below! 

With love, Tiffany

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Candy Doll "Strawberry Pink" Blush Review + I'm blonde now! + Upcoming Giveaway

Hello, lovelies! So it's been a week since I've last updated and I do apologize if I seemed to have dropped off the radar for a bit. To those of you who have blogs, I still check my Bloglovin' twice a week to catch up with your awesome entries. And I've been meaning to make it a habit to update twice a week instead of once. I guess I need better time management or something ><

Well, before I get into my review for the Candy Doll blush, I have something that I wanted to go over. First things first, for those of you who aren't familiar with me on Instagram or Twitter , I've gone blonde! Let's see if I have more fun. 

Now I know some of you were excited to hear about the Candy Doll blush in "Strawberry Pink" after I posted up my Korean and Japanese Beauty Haul. Candy Doll is endorsed by popular gyaru model, Tsubasa Masukawa. The blushes come in a variety of colors, ranging from Strawberry Pink, Peach Pink, Carrot Orange, Cream Beige and Marshmallow Violet. Just typing out these cute and interesting names makes me want to try them all! For this particular blush, I purchased it at Takashima but you can find it at Sasa as well. 

The Candy Doll blush in "Strawberry Pink" is a bright, true pink that can either look gyaru-friendly or a bit intimidating. I've always been a fan of peachy pink and coral blushes but since I've been getting more into Japanese makeup lately, I really wanted a bright pink blush for the summer. Plus, the color would look great on both blonde and brunettes. 

Err...I can't really read Japanese so I'm not quite sure what the back says. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but perhaps the directions are suggesting to pair this with the No. 1 Dolly Sweet false lashes from Dolly Wink? Someone who can read Japanese help me on this D: 

While the box has pretty cute packaging, I would have expected more from the actual blush container itself. It's actually a lot smaller than this picture looks and can fit snug in the palm of my hand. For $17.95, I suppose that's not too expensive, compared to NARS and Tarte blushes, but I wouldn't exactly call it a steal either. The container is made out of plastic and snaps to open or close. Nothing really special here. 

However, since this product seriously packs a punch in terms of pigmentation, you would probably be able to keep this for quite a long time before running out. You definitely need to apply this with a light hand, because it goes on as bright as it looks. Else wise, you'll end up looking more like a clown or guidette than gyaru. 

The color has a nice matte finish, littered with tiny micro-shimmers and although it's very bright, if applied correctly, will give you that sweet, dolly glow. This is definitely a great product if you want that gyaru look found in gyaru tutorials in magazines or just something fun and bright.

Here it is swatched on my skin. You don't really have to swirl your blush brush in this, as just one swipe should deliver enough color. You can gradually build the color up if you want more on your cheeks but again, it's already very vibrant. As for texture, it's not chalky at all and goes on very smoothly. Maybe not quite as buttery as NARS blushes, but still soft and blendable. 

As you can see, the blush adds a lovely, dolly, pink glow to my cheeks. I'm seriously in love with this color and I really like how it complements my light hair. It shows up nicely in pictures and doesn't look overly bright or obnoxious. Also, since it's nicely pigmented, girls with both pale skin and tan skin can wear it! 

Because today was so gloomy, I tried really hard to get good pictures but the lighting was so off in most of my pictures that I ended up with just this one. My hair looks a bit ashier in real life, not quite as warm. If anyone is curious, I'm wearing the Dolly Wink No. 1 in Dolly Sweet for my upper lashes and the No. 5 in Real Nude for my lower lashes. Since I was using Candy Doll, I thought it matched nicely enough to break out my Dolly Winks. Not sure if the packaging says to pair them together, but it would be a nice coincidence if it did haha =p 

So what did I like about this product? Everything...well mostly. 

  • Great pigmentation
  • Smooth, texture--not chalky at all 
  • Shows up wonderfully in pictures 
  • Long lasting, it's been around 5 hours and the blush hasn't faded that much 
  • Mostly matte finish but with just a tiny bit of micro-shimmer, it won't really be noticeable
  • Lovely, bright bubblegum pink color that is guaranteed to give you sweet, dolly cheeks 
  • Small and portable enough to fit into your purse when you're on the go

  • Not really a fan of the plastic packaging 
  • Hard to find in the US, you may have to order it online 
  • Can be considered a bit pricey for its size
Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

However, despite its few cons, I really can't think of anything else wrong with the product. Like I said, it's nicely pigmented, long-lasting, smooth and best of all, it's just a super fun and cute color that can look good on anyone. I would definitely repurchase this again when I run out, but that won't be anytime soon. 

Lastly, before I conclude this entry, I wanted to ask you guys something. I'm close to hitting 50 followers on Google Friend Connect and to celebrate, I want to host a giveaway. I'm already starting to put together a giveaway prize but I wanted to know--would you guys prefer Dolly Wink or Diamond Lashes for false lashes? Of course, since I'm a fan of both, I really don't know which ones you guys would rather receive. While I like Diamond Lash for their quantity (five pairs for the win!) and their durability, I know Dolly Winks will always be a fan favorite. Both brands are easily accessible to me so I can get either. I will choose according to majority rules. 

So let me know in the comments below! And also, what did you think of the Candy Doll blush? Have you tried it before or do you want to? What are your favorite blushes to wear? Do you prefer bright blushes or more natural colors? Lastly, any of you ladies planning to go blonde for the summer or have already gone blonde?

With Love, Tiffany

Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

Hello, ladies! Thank goodness it's Friday! For this week's entry, I wanted to review Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus, which I purchased from Pretty & Cute. This particular mascara is popular for its tiny double-sided brush and is known for its fiber and lengthening properties. This was my first time trying an Asian mascara. While some expensive mascaras do function well, I really believe that there are some wonderful drug-store brands that deliver just as much and are well, the best bang for your buck. However, because I've heard so much hype about Majolica Majorca products, I wanted to see for myself what it was all about. 

Majolica Majorca came out with several other mascaras in their line, each made for various purposes such as volumizing, lengthening or strengthening. Such mascaras include Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Fiber In, which is a lash primer. Another one that you may be interested in checking out is the Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour, which is supposed to deliver volume. 

Of course, the top of the tube contains Majolica Majorca's signature gold stamp. I actually like the slim packaging and simple yet elegant decor; it's at least a tad more interesting than the American mascara tubes I own. 

Compared to other mascaras in the market, this tube of mascara is actually quite tiny. The packaging is sleek and lightweight and is only slightly larger than my hand when I hold it. 

As I stated earlier, my favorite part about this mascara is its double-sided brush, which is designed to make applying the product to both your top and bottom lashes a piece of cake. While I love my Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara, applying mascara to my bottom lashes are always a hit or miss, and more often then not, I find myself attempting to wipe away splotches on mascara on my under-eye area. 

The curvy side is for applying mascara to your upper eyelashes, whereas the straight side is for applying to your bottom eyelashes. The fact that the brush is tiny allows for a lot more precision, so that you can really get in there and pump up each individual lash. 

So to test this product out, I decided to go with a minimal eye look. The following pictures are how my lashes look uncurled, without any product. Please excuse my sparse lashes, or lack thereof. I suffer from the curse of the Asian eyelashes, which mean they're pin-straight and stubbornly point straight down. 

Man, looking at these pictures makes me want to get eyelash extensions!

Alrighty, now let's see how my lashes look after I have curled my lashes and applied the Lash Expander.

Hmmm, so what do you think? Nothing too impressive, eh? Unfortunately, while the mascara did help lengthen my lashes, they didn't really do much in the volumizing department. I had a really hard time getting my upper lashes to curl upwards and some of my lashes in my right eye wouldn't even curl. I'm not sure if it's because the brush made it difficult, but I had to keep attempting to curl them to get them to not droop. Compared to my Maybelline Falsies, the application was rather long and tedious. 

However, I'm somewhat pleased with how it curled my lower lashes. Often times, I wouldn't bother to curl my lower lashes because the mascara brushes offered were often too large and would make a giant mess. However, the Lash Expander's tiny, straight-across brush made application rather easy and I was able to get the product onto most of my lower lashes. Since my lashes are pretty minimal to begin with, I was satisfied with how it performed on my lower lashes. That's pretty much the silver lining in my experience with this product. 

  • Good for those who just want lengthening. I would recommend this for girls who already have somewhat thick lashes
  • Works wonderfully on curling the bottom lashes
  • Water-proof, the product does not budge or smear after you get your face wet 
  • Cute and sleek packaging 
  • The double-sided mascara brush is versatile and is designed to help give you the most control over each individual lash

  • Barely volumizes, not that great for short, straight or minimal lashes 
  • Difficult to apply to upper lashes 
  • Somewhat difficult and frustrating to remove due to its water-proof and fiber formula 
  • Pricey at $19.99 
  • Since it's a Japanese product, it may be difficult to find in stores 
Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Would I repurchase this again? Nah, I don't believe I would unless I really couldn't find a mascara that would make applying the product to my lower lashes easier. The biggest issue I really had with this was trying to remove it. In the process of removing my eye makeup, I ended up accidentally pulling out a few lashes on each side, just trying to get all of this product off. I ended up having to wash my face twice and then once again in the shower to get all of the fibers that clung desperately to my lashes off. 

However, I don't want to dissuade you from trying out this product, if you happen to be interested. This is just based on personal experience. For those of you who have long or thick lashes to spare, then this may actually work nicely for you, especially if you want something that you can use on your top and bottom lashes. However, for those of you who share my eyelash plight, I would reach for something that delivers more volume. Maybe I'll try Fairy Drops next. 

What did you think of this product? Have you tried it before and did it work differently for you? Will you be picking this up in the future? What are some of your favorite mascaras that you've tried or wish to try? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

With love, Tiffany

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Dolly Wink False Lashes No. 16 in Dolly Mix

Why hello, lovelies! Wow, can you believe it's May already? I just wanted to thank everyone who checked out my last haul entry and for all of the wonderful comments! It seems like many of you were just as excited about these products as I was. With that being said, I bring to you my first item from said haul that I'm pleased to review: Dolly Wink False Lashes No. 16 Dolly Mix! 

I've built up a good false lash collection now, but I noticed that I didn't have many lashes that were on the natural side. I really like wearing false lashes whenever I go out to events where I know I will be taking pictures. And many times, it's the ones with lots of volume that look best in pictures. However, when I saw these, I knew that these would be perfect as my latest addition.

For those of you who are not yet updated with Dolly Wink, Koji recently came out with three new designs for the Dolly Wink series. They're not very heavy in terms of volume and sort of fall between the classic designs and the Otana line. You should check out No.15 and No. 17 as well! 

As you can see, these are definitely more on the natural side and looks best when worn with natural-looking makeup. If you try using these with dark smokey eyes, these lovely lashes will definitely get lost in all the heaviness. 

You may notice that these look pretty similar to Dolly Wink's False Lashes No. 1 in Dolly Sweet. I actually wrote a guest review on Xlicious Girl's blog here a year ago, back when I had braces! =# The lashes alternate from thick to thin, but in contrast to No. 1, the size of each individual lash is relatively around the same length until it gets to the outer edge of the lashes, where it slightly tapers out in size. 

So in the same fashion as my last false lash review for Diamond Lash's Glamorous Eyes here, let's break it down into three categories: Design, Comfort and Durability. 

Design: ❤❤❤❤❤

To start out, let me just say that I love love love these lashes, hence the 5-heart rating! I wore these with my Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green (Bambi series) lenses. The Geo Princess Mimi series also comes endorsed by Tsubasa and as expected, they're quality lenses and have been quite popular among beauty bloggers. 

For those of you who wish to add a more natural lash to your collection for a cutesy and girly look, I highly recommend these lashes. I know the design looks very simple and maybe a bit boring to some, but when you actually put the lashes on, it still draws attention to your eyes in cute, doll-like way. It's not as bold or intimidating, so I can definitely see people using these as an everyday or casual kind of lash. 

I can see myself wearing these for when I go shopping with friends or for afternoon tea. Like I said before, these type of lashes work best with simple eye makeup, so I didn't bother wearing eyeliner for my lower lashes and instead smudged some dark shimmery taupe eyeshadow and glittery light pink eye shadow. To complement the green lenses, I paired them with NYX Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul, which is this pretty matte pink lip color. 

However, for those of you who prefer lashes with a lot of volume and length, then I would probably abstain from purchasing these, just because Dolly Wink has so many other designs that would provide a lot more length and volume. 

Comfort: ❤❤❤❤❤

Lashes? What lashes? Honestly, these were so comfortable that I sometimes forgot I was even wearing lashes! Because these are natural looking, the lashes end up feeling so light weight and really deserve their 5-heart rating. I had these on for around four hours while shopping and not once did they poke my eyes or weigh my natural lashes down.

And of course, you have the whole Dolly Wink brand to thank for that. Their lash bands are known to be super light-weight, in contrast to many other Japanese or Korean brands out there. With Dolly Wink, you can definitely expect comfort to be one of the their top prevailing factors. 

Durability: ❤❤❤❤❤

Uh oh, now here is where we have to venture into the not-so-pretty territory. Understandably, when you have lash bands that are incredibly thin and flexible, you can expect them to be susceptible to easy breakage. 

The great thing about how lightweight the lash band is is how easy it is to put on. You know how some lashes you kind of have to bend many times to adhere to your eye shape? Luckily, these lashes were one of the easiest lashes I've ever put on. 

Unfortunately, taking them off was a tad more difficult than I expected. The lash band is really delicate, so you have to make sure that when pulling them off, you pull them off gently according to the shape of your eye. I accidentally pulled them off in a bit of a weird angle, and one of the individual lashes almost  got bent out of shape because the eyelash glue stuck to it. 

You also have to be really careful when cleaning your eyelash glue off, because if you tug at it too hard, well, then say goodbye to your lovely lashes, because any breakage will look very obvious. While I'm in love with these lashes, I can't really foresee them lasting through that many wears.



Despite my 3-heart rating on its durability, I still highly recommend these lashes. Sometimes a girl just needs casual false lashes for those times when you want to dress up a little, but not go overboard with the makeup. If you look at Tsubasa Masukawa and other Japanese gyaru, you may notice that they're more about showing off the lashes rather than piling on the eyeshadow with dark smokey eyes to emphasize the eyes. While I love both styles, I love the carefree, light-heartedness of these lashes for the summer and will definitely be using these a lot more often. 


Okay, now this is just for fun. I debated whether or not I should post these pictures, considering when it comes to wearing false lower lashes, I'm pretty much a noob. But in the spirit of practice makes perfect, maybe you beauty bloggers can help me out and give me tips and constructive criticism (be nice, please ;_;) . 

So I paired these Dolly Wink False Lashes No. 16 with my Dolly Wink False Lower Lashes No. 5 in  Real Nude. I actually bought these a while ago but due to my noobness, I had undergone several failed attempts to put these on and never succeeded before this time.  

The good thing is that I actually managed to get these on my lower lashes without poking myself getting glue all over my under eye area like how I normally do. For that I give myself a pat on the back. 

When I looked at myself in the mirror, to be honest, I got a little freaked out. I know I'm just not used to wearing false lower lashes, because that was the exact same reaction I had when I wore my first pair of false upper lashes many years ago. I was like, "Ahhhh what are those spiders doing on my eyes?!" However, after taking pictures with them on, I found myself pleasantly surprised. 

I actually sort of like how the lower lashes complement my light eye makeup and balance out the top lashes. Because these are more on the natural side, the No. 16 and No. 5 pair nicely together. 

I tried to avoid putting it too close to my lower lash line because so many people say that it could rip out the lower eye lashes. And I already lack them as it is. Taking them off can I put it? Excruciating. Evidently, I must have done exactly what not to do, because as soon as I managed to get them off, I found myself tearing up. Apparently, I need just as much practice taking them off as I do putting them on. :3

Wow, this was kind of a long entry. If you're reading up to here, thank you for getting through that with me! So what did you think of these lashes? Will you be grabbing these as well for your next pair of false lashes? Or have you tried any of the new Dolly Wink lashes in No. 15, 16 or 17? Please let me know in the comments below. And stay tuned for more upcoming reviews next week!

With love, Tiffany