Saturday, May 18, 2013

Candy Doll "Strawberry Pink" Blush Review + I'm blonde now! + Upcoming Giveaway

Hello, lovelies! So it's been a week since I've last updated and I do apologize if I seemed to have dropped off the radar for a bit. To those of you who have blogs, I still check my Bloglovin' twice a week to catch up with your awesome entries. And I've been meaning to make it a habit to update twice a week instead of once. I guess I need better time management or something ><

Well, before I get into my review for the Candy Doll blush, I have something that I wanted to go over. First things first, for those of you who aren't familiar with me on Instagram or Twitter , I've gone blonde! Let's see if I have more fun. 

Now I know some of you were excited to hear about the Candy Doll blush in "Strawberry Pink" after I posted up my Korean and Japanese Beauty Haul. Candy Doll is endorsed by popular gyaru model, Tsubasa Masukawa. The blushes come in a variety of colors, ranging from Strawberry Pink, Peach Pink, Carrot Orange, Cream Beige and Marshmallow Violet. Just typing out these cute and interesting names makes me want to try them all! For this particular blush, I purchased it at Takashima but you can find it at Sasa as well. 

The Candy Doll blush in "Strawberry Pink" is a bright, true pink that can either look gyaru-friendly or a bit intimidating. I've always been a fan of peachy pink and coral blushes but since I've been getting more into Japanese makeup lately, I really wanted a bright pink blush for the summer. Plus, the color would look great on both blonde and brunettes. 

Err...I can't really read Japanese so I'm not quite sure what the back says. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but perhaps the directions are suggesting to pair this with the No. 1 Dolly Sweet false lashes from Dolly Wink? Someone who can read Japanese help me on this D: 

While the box has pretty cute packaging, I would have expected more from the actual blush container itself. It's actually a lot smaller than this picture looks and can fit snug in the palm of my hand. For $17.95, I suppose that's not too expensive, compared to NARS and Tarte blushes, but I wouldn't exactly call it a steal either. The container is made out of plastic and snaps to open or close. Nothing really special here. 

However, since this product seriously packs a punch in terms of pigmentation, you would probably be able to keep this for quite a long time before running out. You definitely need to apply this with a light hand, because it goes on as bright as it looks. Else wise, you'll end up looking more like a clown or guidette than gyaru. 

The color has a nice matte finish, littered with tiny micro-shimmers and although it's very bright, if applied correctly, will give you that sweet, dolly glow. This is definitely a great product if you want that gyaru look found in gyaru tutorials in magazines or just something fun and bright.

Here it is swatched on my skin. You don't really have to swirl your blush brush in this, as just one swipe should deliver enough color. You can gradually build the color up if you want more on your cheeks but again, it's already very vibrant. As for texture, it's not chalky at all and goes on very smoothly. Maybe not quite as buttery as NARS blushes, but still soft and blendable. 

As you can see, the blush adds a lovely, dolly, pink glow to my cheeks. I'm seriously in love with this color and I really like how it complements my light hair. It shows up nicely in pictures and doesn't look overly bright or obnoxious. Also, since it's nicely pigmented, girls with both pale skin and tan skin can wear it! 

Because today was so gloomy, I tried really hard to get good pictures but the lighting was so off in most of my pictures that I ended up with just this one. My hair looks a bit ashier in real life, not quite as warm. If anyone is curious, I'm wearing the Dolly Wink No. 1 in Dolly Sweet for my upper lashes and the No. 5 in Real Nude for my lower lashes. Since I was using Candy Doll, I thought it matched nicely enough to break out my Dolly Winks. Not sure if the packaging says to pair them together, but it would be a nice coincidence if it did haha =p 

So what did I like about this product? Everything...well mostly. 

  • Great pigmentation
  • Smooth, texture--not chalky at all 
  • Shows up wonderfully in pictures 
  • Long lasting, it's been around 5 hours and the blush hasn't faded that much 
  • Mostly matte finish but with just a tiny bit of micro-shimmer, it won't really be noticeable
  • Lovely, bright bubblegum pink color that is guaranteed to give you sweet, dolly cheeks 
  • Small and portable enough to fit into your purse when you're on the go

  • Not really a fan of the plastic packaging 
  • Hard to find in the US, you may have to order it online 
  • Can be considered a bit pricey for its size
Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

However, despite its few cons, I really can't think of anything else wrong with the product. Like I said, it's nicely pigmented, long-lasting, smooth and best of all, it's just a super fun and cute color that can look good on anyone. I would definitely repurchase this again when I run out, but that won't be anytime soon. 

Lastly, before I conclude this entry, I wanted to ask you guys something. I'm close to hitting 50 followers on Google Friend Connect and to celebrate, I want to host a giveaway. I'm already starting to put together a giveaway prize but I wanted to know--would you guys prefer Dolly Wink or Diamond Lashes for false lashes? Of course, since I'm a fan of both, I really don't know which ones you guys would rather receive. While I like Diamond Lash for their quantity (five pairs for the win!) and their durability, I know Dolly Winks will always be a fan favorite. Both brands are easily accessible to me so I can get either. I will choose according to majority rules. 

So let me know in the comments below! And also, what did you think of the Candy Doll blush? Have you tried it before or do you want to? What are your favorite blushes to wear? Do you prefer bright blushes or more natural colors? Lastly, any of you ladies planning to go blonde for the summer or have already gone blonde?

With Love, Tiffany


  1. Yay! I've been waiting for this post :) The lighter hair colour looks really good on you!
    After seeing your previous haul, I've been curious about the Candydoll blushes and the colour you picked up looks really natural on despite looking intimidating in the pan.
    Thank you for the review, will hopefully pick this up soon :)

    1. Aww thank you, Carmen! hahah I know I took a while to get this particular entry up ><
      Yeah, honestly, I was pretty intimidated when I picked it up and I was scared it was going to look like too much because it's the brightest blush I own. But I think it'll look pretty on you, all you need is a small tap on the pan, a little goes a long way :)

  2. The blush looks lovely, and so does your hair! You look very pretty with that hair color! ^_^
    I've been thinking about trying out Candy Doll products for a while now, but they're so pricey that I'm scared of buying and not liking it and the money will be wasted. : (
    Well, thank you for the review, I look forward to your upcoming ones!

    1. hehe thank you, I'm glad the blonde turned out good, I was honestly kinda scared to do it at first xD
      Honestly, I think you'll probably like it, it's actually a lot less bright on the skin than it is in the pan. If the Strawberry Pink is too bright for you, you'd probably like Peach Pink better since it's a lot more wearable for everyday :D

  3. Yay Tiff finally it's posted after this post being ninja and disappeared haha! I love your new hair for sure. I've loved it since I saw your twitter dp haha. And the blush is really cute! What foundation/bb cream do you use in the picture? For me I love peach color blushes and I use maybelline one haha cheap and easy to get. I can't find diamond lashes here while there are bunch of dolly wink so for me it would be nice if you have diamond lashes giveaway <3 but I'm up to any giveaways haha anyway thank you for this review I might look it up I saw the peach shade is pretty cute :D


    1. ahahaha I know, sorry I ended up taking this entry down at first. I was trying to click save but went to "Publish" instead, I was like, "Ahh noooo!" ^^;
      I'm using Make Up Forever HD Foundation here, it's actually my favorite face makeup to use :)
      Ooh and I love peach blushes too! Have you heard of NARS "Orgasm", yeahh weird name I know but it's like a cult favorite here in the States, seriously looks good on everyone. I like the peach shade for Candy Doll too, I think I would've bought that too as well if I already didn't have the NARS blush. The pigmentation is great in this line so I think you'd really like any of the blushes. The strawberry pink would go lovely with your blonde hair too :D

  4. This color is really nice. And it suits you. I love your new hair color btw...
    Jeiii, I always love giveaway and I vote for dolly wink...:D

    1. Aww haha thank you, I'm so happy the blonde turned out well, I just wanted to go lighter for the summer since I've never done that before. And thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely take that into consideration, I know everyone <3s Dolly Wink :D

  5. Oh my gosh, your hair looks gorgeous!!! I have been thinking about going back to blonde/red and now I really want to. :) I love your matching eyebrows too! Def a good color for you.

    1. Aww you're too sweet, Tiff! (it sounds funny to me when I call someone else that because everyone calls me that and I don't really know many people named Tiffany). You definitely should go with lighter hair, I think it'd look so cute on you! Plus, summer is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to go light :)