Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BornPrettyStore False Eyelashes #1107 Review + Naked 3 Palette Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hello, beauties! It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't been keeping up with my blog posts as much as I'd like to, but I have a few blog goodies that I look forward to sharing in the near future. For this blog post, I'd like to share a review of some lashes I've been sporting on my night outs and dates lately. BornPrettyStore was kind enough to send me a couple boxes of lashes for review purposes. For this post, I will be reviewing the False Eyelashes #1107 and saving the other box for a different entry.

I'm sure many of you have seen variations on these types of lashes at different retail stores. They appeal to many because of how affordable they are and at 10 pairs per box, that's quite the steal! Born Pretty Store sells a wide variety of these types of false lashes in so many different shapes and sizes. While I prefer to wear thick lashes when I'm going out, they also sell lighter and more natural selections. I had somewhat of a hard time trying to pick out which lashes to review, and some of them I already had myself from friends bringing them back to me from their Asia trips. However, the #1107 looked like the perfect combination of thickness and length.

The lashes arrived in a clear box in which I've removed the lid here. As I've stated before, they come in a box of 10 and each pair lasts quite a long time. In fact, I'm still on my first pair!

The shape of these lashes make a fine choice if you're looking for the rounded, doll-like eye look. Since the lash hairs are longest in the center, that emphasizes the center of the eye and gives it that little extra lift. And while they do look somewhat thick, I'd say these are more of the medium variety. These were a bit long for my eye and they were poking me a bit, so I had to cut them. However, this is no big deal, as  I have to do that with most lashes I end up buying anyways. So let's now break it down into the pros and cons. 

  • Great shape for making the eyes look rounder
  • Gives the eyes a little lift
  • Affordable at $2.99
  • 10 lashes per box--these will last you a long time before you ever run out
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Durable and long-lasting 

  • Lash band is a bit thick so you may have to bend it a few times to adjust the shape 
  • May poke the inner or outer corners of the eyes if not cut properly 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Naked 3 Palette Smokey Eye Tutorial 

I must admit, I haven't done a tutorial in a while and was a little wary of putting it up...hence, why it's taken me so long to update. But I've managed to muster up the courage (and patience) to whip up this Naked 3 Palette smokey eye tutorial. I've been reaching for the Naked 3 palette a lot more lately after figuring out which colors work best with my skin tone. Sad to say I don't use all of the colors, but this is one of my favorite looks to wear when I feel like adding a little romance to my eye makeup. The overall color theme for this particular palette is pink so you definitely need to keep it sweet and feminine. But first, let's start with the review!

Here is a full list of products that I'll be using in this tutorial: 

  • Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer
  • Makeup Forever Invisible Cover HD Foundation #120 
  • MAC Select Moisturecover  Concealer NW120
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz in "Ash Blonde"
  • Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in "Caramel"
  • Urban Decay Potion Primer
  • Naked 3 Palette (In order of use: Nooner, Factory, Blackheart, Stranger, Dust) 
  • Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner (Black) 
  • Milani Liquif'ye (Brown)
  • Mabelline Falsies Mascara in "Very Black"
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
  • Candy Doll Blush in "Strawberry Pink"
  • NYX Matte Lip Color in "Istanbul" 
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in "Dim Light"
  • BornPrettyStore False Eyelashes #1107 
This is mainly going to be an eye makeup tutorial, as I'm sure most of you already know have your own foundation and face makeup routine. So before we get started on the eye makeup, please apply your primer, foundation and concealer.

1. Apply brow pencil to shape out your eye brows. As you can see, my lashes are quite light and sparse due to genetics and bleaching. Yes, I do bleach my brows every few weeks since I have blonde hair and it matches better to have light brows.

2. This step is optional, but you may go back and fill in your brows with a brow gel to brush the hairs into place. I also do this step to bring some warmth back in the otherwise ashy blonde brow pencil color.

3. With a medium eyeshadow brush, apply "Nooner" up to the orbital crease of your eye. This will deepen your sockets and serve as the main transition color.

4. Next, blend "Factory" a little past your eyelid but allow just a hint of "Nooner" to continue peeking out. Then blend the darkest color, "Blackheart", where your eyelid folds.

5. Use "Stranger" to highlight underneath your brow.

6. Apply liquid eyeliner to the top of your eyelid and line your waterline with dark brown eyeliner. You can also use black eyeliner but I find that dark brown goes on a lot softer and more natural. Take an angled eyeliner brush and apply a little bit of "Dust" to your inner corners.

7. Time to put on mascara! (Damn it, my friends were making me laugh here in this picture!)I love the Maybelline Falsies mascara because now they are a dual-ended product where you can apply mascara to both your top and bottom lashes. Of course, being a typical Asian and all, this doesn't make a huge difference so...

8. Add false eyelashes to complete the look. You'll want to go with something on the thicker side, as this is a smokey eye look and this works best with somewhat voluminous lashes. I will be giving more info on these lashes later on in this post.

And here is the complete look! I find this a very wearable look for those days I feel like dolling up a little more than usual. The eye makeup enhances the eyes without looking overdone and the pink colors in the Naked 3 palette work wonderfully for the upcoming spring and summer. 

And because this look is on the romantic side, I had to break out the pink blush and lips. Nude lips and subtle cheeks work fine for this look but I think that a pink flush is especially appropriate for a date night. What do you think of this color combination? 

Overall, I think every girl needs at least one box of these types of lashes I've used in this tutorial! They're inexpensive, reusable and are of great quality for their price. Although many other types of false lashes exist out there, these lashes are on par with many that I've used before. And I'm glad to say that these particular ones have definitely made it into my false lash rotation when I want my eyes to stand out in pictures. Check out BornPrettyStore's website for more choices in lashes, makeup, nail accessories and more. They have tons of makeup and fashion goodies for great prices, so shop till you drop! :)

For 10% off on your purchase, please visit their website and enter the promo code "TTH10" at check-out.

So what did you think of my Naked 3 palette makeup tutorial? The Naked 3 Palette is so versatile and I actually have a couple other regular looks I also do along with this particular one. I'm no makeup guru but I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I'll try to do more makeup tutorials in the future. ^^ Also, let me know in the comments below what you thought of the false lashes I reviewed. Have you used any of these kinds of boxed lashes? Are you a fan of them? What are your favorite go-to false lashes you've been loving lately? <3

With Love, Tiffany 


  1. I have some lashes from born pretty store aswell. They are really cheap compared to other brands. Love your tutorial by the way :)

    1. Thank you, dear! haha yeah, it's awesome how they're so cheap! especially since other stores seem to sell them for a lot higher prices :)

  2. How do you always manage to look gorgeous and summery? :) Every time I see your pics I think you have the perfect -amazing summer- look even in winter hehe. I need to order some lashes from BP but I can't get over the huge selection.

    I love the pink toned smoky eye on you! Thanks for making a tutorial :D

    1. looool Tiff, you are just too kind! hehe thank you *blush* o^^o I'm definitely more of a summer kinda girl, not too partial to cold weather actually. Haha, it'll definitely take a while to choose which lashes you want, took me forever :3

  3. I love your pink cheeks! So cute <3

    1. Awww thank you, Calista! hahaha I was scared I might've used too much of a heavy hand when applying the blush xD